The workshop on 25 January 2023, held in Brussels, was the first European seminar organised as part of the LIFE Carbon Farming project. It brought together the various partners and coordinators of the six member countries of the project, as well as representatives of the European Commission and the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment of the participating countries.

France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium: these six partner countries met to discuss together the fundamentals of the project. GHG reduction strategies, lessons learned from previous LIFE projects, climate change in agriculture, testimonials on the implementation of a low-carbon agricultural model on farms, … are all topics that have been discussed.

The morning was devoted to various presentations, including putting the project into perspective with other studies in progress or completed.

Following the presentation of the LIFE Carbon Farming project, various testimonies about the implementation of low-carbon agricultural projects were shared. The “Label Bas Carbone” developed by the French Ministry of Ecology, the Irish Future Beef program and the France Carbon Agri structure were presented on this occasion.

Discussions followed during a workshop on the implementation of a MRV framework (Monitoring, Reporting, Verifying) to certify GHG reductions and carbon storage on farms. This would meet both the needs of project developers, but also carbon credit financiers, as well as the general public.

In order to support the implementation of low-carbon agriculture projects, the question also arose of the most appropriate financial reward mechanism for reducing the carbon footprint on farms.

Following this reflection, the various working groups have pooled their conclusions in order to deepen each of the issues.

Finally, a question-and-answer session led by experts closed this important day, rich in lessons.

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