Co-organized by Life Green Sheep and Life Carbon Farming in Brussels, the Networking Day “Upscaling low carbon farming in Europe”, held on February 6th, 2024 in Brussels, brought together various European stakeholders for the development of low carbon agriculture. The aim of this day was to network these stakeholders in order to explore the different stages of dissemination, from research to the implementation of actions.

Researchers, engineers, veterinarians, advisors, professors, students, journalists and other actors in the agricultural and agri-food sectors discussed the prospects and policies for reducing the carbon footprint of European agriculture, as well as the results of 25 projects carried out in Europe between 2010 and 2030. These projects cover topics such as carbon footprint mitigation, adaptation to climate change, environmental impact, biodiversity, and sustainability in general.

The projects presented covered a wide range of objectives, including knowledge repository (references, solutions, levers, etc.), innovation, the conception and comparison of tools, the experimentation/monitoring on farms, training, the dissemination of knowledge, the development of carbon farming framework, and the implementation of a financial reward system based on results to reduce the carbon footprint of livestock farms.

In group workshops, participants were able to reflect on various issues related to carbon emissions on European farms :

  • How to build strong partnerships at the beginning of the projects to involve farmers and advisors?
  • Which skills and methods are needed to support dissemination of low carbon & sustainable practices?
  • How to involve stakeholders, sectors’ bodies and institutions in upscaling low carbon & sustainable practices?
  • How can farmers be rewarded for implementing these new practices on their farm?
  • How can we capitalize the knowledge from low carbon farming European initiatives for research, advice and new projects?

After this reflection, the working groups shared their conclusions to delve deeper into each question.

A question-and-answer session concluded a day filled with valuable insights.

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